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Between Saint-Emilion and Monbazillac

In the south-west of France, at the crossroads of three departments (Gironde, Dordogne and Lot-et-Garonne), the area of Sainte-Foy-La-Grande is an excellent place to stay ; there are plenty of places to visit and things to do.


  • SAINT-EMILION (25 kilometers from Sainte Foy La Grande-  direction to Bordeaux)

    History is oCloître de Saint-Emilionmnipresent in Saint-Émilion, imbuing the cobblestone streets and almost palpable during walking tours.
    Each stone, each vine leaf seems to call for your attention, and your taste buds will quiver with anticipation when you smell the fragrance of the town's traditional macaroons.
    This delightful medieval village, in the heart of the world-famous Bordeaux vineyards, has a cachet all of its own thanks to ubiquitous vineyards, superb wines, impressive monuments, and beautiful architecture.
    A town full of history on a rocky promontory, Saint-Émilion and its surrounding vineyards owe their originality to limestone soil. 


  • BORDEAUX (listed a UNESCO World Heritage site - 90 kilometers from Sainte-Foy-La-Grande)

Bordeaux is exemplary thanks to the unity of its urban and architectural expression. This architecture is classical and neoclassical and met with nearly no stylistic changes for over two centuries.

The originality of Bordeaux’s approach lies in the size of the classified area. Bordeaux is the leading urban conglomeration distinguished in such a vast and complex area. The classified zone corresponds to the inside of the boulevards, to and including the Garonne. For all classified cities and areas, being featured on the World Heritage List has had a highly beneficial impact on tourism in the years that have followed. It is an additional asset for the cultural and economic appeal of our city and our conglomeration.


  • BERGERAC ET LE PERIGORD POURPRE (20 kilomètres de Sainte-Foy-La-Grande)

The "Pays de Bergerac" in the south west of the Dordogne is a huge, rich land full of specific regional features. It is the gateway to Purple Perigord (so named after the colour of wine) and is an ideal destination for visitors to see all the treasures of the Dordogne.

Take the time to stroll around its many little streets, discover all the riches of the city and its museums – the Tobacco Museum, the Wine Museum, the Cloître des Récollets and the Maison des Vins de Bergerac.

Information at the Pays de Bergerac Tourist Office.




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